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Animals Wearing Animals With Special Guests, The interrogation, Razorvoice, and Rocket Fuel

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Animals Wearing Animals With Special Guests, The interrogation, Razorvoice, and Rocket Fuel

Friday, May 27, 2022 | 8:00pm
The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe

Live Acts Canada Presents 

Animals Wearing Animals With Special Guests, The Interrogation, Razorvoice, and Rocket Fuel

Live From The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe. Doors: 8:00PM/ 19+

Tickets $13.00 In Advance $15.00 @ The Door 
RAILWAY STAGE &  BEER CAFE 579 Dunsmuir Street 


Animals Wearing Animals//

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-j6_eqBPRg&t=85s

Two-piece instrumental grungy rock from the friendly, yet dark streets of Vancouver. Born from the realization that instruments can sometimes say more than words. Songs without a lyrical agenda. 6-song studio record coming soon.


The Interrogation//

Coming outta the northwest! All the stage diving, high fiving, crowd surfing, two stepping mosh that you have ever wanted.

Insta - theinterrogation

Bandcamp - https://theinterrogation.bandcamp.com/album/posters-on-my-wall?fbclid=IwAR1OOs-y7fv5whNP4LlJ847Xst044mgDMgujmYkfSjt9_b5N_zd9Zs93wzA



With the taste of distortion dripping grunge punk pop-sicles, Razorvoice was birthed (2014) in Los Angeles, California by the adolescent songwriting of the Canadian born multi-musician, Ben Wittrock. Currently based in Victoria, B.C. with Andrew Roddan snapping bass strings and hired gun Ian Olsen smacking drums.

Ben’s ambition to fulfil never succumbing to a 9-5 slave drive in return for a 24 hour revenge therapy in sticking it to the man by strumming through the heart strings of listeners through amplified energy and raw emotion is inevitable with the influences of Jawbreaker’s raw energy and emotional lyrics, Blink 182’s juvenile pop shine and QOTSA’s heavy riffage of rock n’ roll attitude. Fuelled by the guidance of Marko DeSantis (Sugarcult, Bad Astronaut, Swinging Utters) Razorvoice’s first performance (Lineup: Ben Wittrock, Ryan Sebold; Drums, Nathan Gignac; Guitar, Justus Dixon; Bass) was at The Musician’s Institute stage on Hollywood Blvd. where many legends such as John Frusciante and Chad Smith stomped on as their breeding ground. The new era of Razorvoice songs were incubated in Powell River, BC, Canada (2014-2017) when Ben moved back to his hometown to take care of his ill mother while engineering and producing artists out of his abandoned warehouse studio to make ends meet. Travelling for audio engineering work and performing between LA, Vancouver and Vancouver Island there was a constant revolving door of fill in musicians for live performances and session recording after Ben’s engineering hours; most notably John Wright (NoMeansNo) and best friend/roommate Joffen Hopland (Lemaitre, Raw Fabrics, JoJo, Silento). With no growth left in Powell River as a home base, Ben relocated to Victoria, BC (summer of 2018) to focus on Razorvoice full time while finishing the self played, recorded and produced record entitled “Unmute”. Growing out of infancy, yet still growing young, Razorvoice is spitting out the baby soother to unmute their debut record to inspire and catalyze others to raise their own voice creatively as to positively focus on the current moment to override the past and influence a better tomorrow. Holding nothing back with the new Victoria based power trio lineup of Wittrock (guitar), Andrew Roddan (bass) and Ian Olsen (drums), Razorvoice’s live show is a bulldozer of cathartic adolescent energy that will plow anything down in their way to leave behind a trail of broken strings, sweat puddles of determination and scrap piles writhing in ear worms of any corruption their honesty will cut up with their genuine attitudes.

Website & Socials - https://razorvoice.ca/


Rocket Fuel//

Rocket Fuel is bringing back the golden age of the 70’s classic guitar rock, heavy blues, and funk from the first Luna landings and coupling it with a stripped-down visceral sound from the 90s rock scene.  

High-energy performances and riff-laden grooves drive audiences across Vancouver wild. This band will make you want to shake what you got! If Humble Pie and Deep Purple flew the Space Shuttle in 1991 you would have Rocket Fuel. 

Hailed by fans as one of Vancouver’s most rockin’ bands, Rocket Fuel has come to shine their electric love light on you and make music for your booty. 

Rocket Fuel was formed in late 2018 and started playing live in February 2019. Since then, Rocket Fuel has established itself as a successful gigging act in numerous bars locally as well as summer festivals outside the lower mainland.

We were invited to take part in the Best in Vancouver 2019 competition held by the Georgia Straight newspaper.  We successfully placed in the top 10 original rock bands in Vancouver, B.C.  We ain’t stopping there…. 

The band is focused on writing and recording new music through the winter and looking forward to an album release as well as two confirmed summer festivals in 2020. 

Website & Socials - https://www.rocketfuelband.com/





For more information, email info @donnellygroup.ca