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Boogaloo Academy Presents An ... A Star Society Production of “9”

When: Saturday, June 12, 2021 7:00pm
Where: Online

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We’re offering the first 100 tickets discounted at $25 off. Don’t miss out! 

IMPORTANT: You will receive an email TWO hours before show time with the show link. Please check your spam filter. 

Your movie download link will arrive a few days after our Premiere on June 12th to your ticket purchase email address.

We present to you Boogaloo Academy’s year-end movie, “9”: A Journey in 9 Parts.

2021 marks Boogaloo’s 9th year - a year in which we faced challenges of global proportions. This movie is the culmination of our students’ and teachers’ resilience and triumph against adversity as we transformed our love of dance into a work of art for you to enjoy.

We appreciate and rely upon your ticket purchase to help cover the costs of providing this exciting movie-making experience for your dancers.  

At this time, please consider adding a donation to our charitable non-profit, A Star Society, to your ticket. 

We created A Star Society in 2009 to provide programs and scholarships, enriching the lives of children and youth who would otherwise not receive the profound benefits of education in the arts. Your contribution is so much appreciated. Help us change their future.

Please follow and like us on Instagram and astarsociety.nonprofit on Facebook.

To download our information package about A Star Society, please visit our website:

Tax receipts for the entire amount of your ticket price plus donation amounts will be issued. Please also feel free to forward this link to anyone you feel might want to support the arts through A Star Society.

Boogaloo Academy Presents an A Star Society Production of "9"

Date: June 12th

Time: 7:00PM PST