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Farhaven w/ Christina Kennedy and Jez Dylan Bonham
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Farhaven w/ Christina Kennedy and Jez Dylan Bonham

Friday, July 26, 2024 | 7:00pm
The Portside Pub
7 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9

Live Acts Canada Presents:

Farhaven w/ Christina Kennedy and Jez Dylan Bonham

Portside Pub | 7 Alexander St. | 19+

Doors 7:00 PM | $13.00 in Advance | $15.00 @ The Door



Farhaven, born in the urban landscape of Vancouver BC, weaves a tapestry of pop/rock with threads of classic rock and Americana. Their music echoes the influences of icons such as the Beatles, The Strokes, Cut Worms, the Pixies, and Portugal. The Man, marked by a fusion of shimmering guitars and a retro soul. The band's journey began in 2019 at Kitsilano Secondary School, where Piers and Thomas discovered a shared passion for music. This connection quickly blossomed into songwriting and vibrant live performances, capturing the hearts of a growing fan base. 2022 brought 'Songs for the End of the World', a triple single that ventured into themes of resilience and hope. The following year, 'Going Home' and 'Take my Number' added layers of upbeat energy and wit to their repertoire, resonating with fans in live settings. The final piece of Farhaven's puzzle clicked in 2023 with Connor joining as the bassist, infusing new creative energy into the band. As they continue to evolve, Farhaven remains dedicated to their art, their fans, and the impact they aspire to make through their music."

Linktree: www.linktr.ee/Farhaven

Website: www.farhavenmusic.com/


Christina Kennedy 

Christina Kennedy is a multidisciplinary artist from Vancouver, BC. As a young and extremely driven singer/songwriter, actor, and filmmaker (writer and director), she has started to make a name for herself in various industries often connecting the worlds. Christina strives to use her gifted talents, electric charisma and deep understanding of emotions to create a space for others to connect and be “confidently vulnerable”. Christina often speaks about topics that are important to her such as creative work lifestyle, well-being, relationships, and faith. With a passion for creating alternative pop music complemented with self-directed music videos and heartfelt independent films, Christina works hard to bring creatives from all over the big city together and someday bring people from all over the world together too.

Website: https://www.christinakennedy.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_christinakennedy


Jez Dylan Bonham

The Jez Dylan Bonham Band is a genre bending rock band. Helmed by songwriter/vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jez Dylan Bonham, their unique sound is making waves in Vancouver. Blending rock, funk, country and pop, their high energy shows full of amazing original songs show off the talented musical skills of Mel Pemberton (bass), Bryn Davies (keys), Diego Perez (drums) and Axel Loitz (lead guitar). 

Linktree: www.linktr.ee/cidcity