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Hotel Rumors with Chilly Villain and LooPS
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Hotel Rumors with Chilly Villain and LooPS

Friday, July 19, 2024 | 7:00pm
The Portside Pub
7 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9

Live Acts Canada Presents:

Hotel Rumors w/ Chilly Villain and LooPS

Portside Pub | 7 Alexander St. | 19+

Doors 7:30 PM | $13.00 in Advance | $15.00 @ The Door


Hotel Rumors

Hotel Rumors is an indie pop band from Vancouver British Columbia. Formed in 2019 by James Faulkner and Colin Holyk, the two friends spent ten years playing hundreds of gigs with their cover band Line49. Currently as Hotel Rumors, they have brought their own musical ideas to life. Their debut album, Riviera, was released in 2019 and was followed by their new singles Gulfstream and Train to ’95 as well as the Riviera Nights remix album in the summer of 2020. Band Members, James Faulkner - Vocals, Colin Holyk - Guitar, Dave Law - Bass, Rob Riley - Synth Rig/Keys, Francois Lucas - Drums.

Website: www.hotelindieband.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hotelindieband/


Chilly Villain

Hailing from the eclectic music scene of Vancouver, Canada, Chilly Villain brings a fresh and funky twist to the alternative rock landscape. Formed by the dynamic trio of Sam Sullivan, Sean Potter, and Rildney Cavalcante, Chilly Villain ignites stages with their infectious grooves and captivating performances.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Sam Sullivan leads the charge with his soulful vocals and electrifying guitar riffs, channeling influences from funk and blues masters to create a sound that is both gritty and groovy. Sean Potter holds down the low end with his pulsating bass lines, adding depth and dimension to the band's sonic palette while providing infectious backing vocals that elevate each song. Rildney Cavalcante brings the rhythm to life with his dynamic drumming, infusing each beat with a contagious energy that drives the band forward.

With their sights set on spreading their unique brand of funk-infused alt rock to audiences far and wide, Chilly Villain is drawing inspiration from the vibrant cityscape of Vancouver and the diverse musical traditions that call it home. Chilly Villain's music is a melting pot of genres and influences. From gritty rock anthems to sultry funk jams, their songs are a testament to the band's commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/chillyvillainband



Consisting of both lead vocalist Kevin Roy and instrumentalist/vocalist Jon Fennell, the record breaking act LooPS are currently establishing themselves as not only the top acoustic-pop duo in British Columbia, but in all of Canada. Best described as what would happen if Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi had a musical baby, they fuse loop pedal energy with soaring piano ballads and harmonies. Following up the success and reception of their previous single “Last Goodbye”, LooPS went back to the Vancouver area's esteemed Echoplant Recording Studios, and made a radio-worthy version of their song “Mourning Girl”, which was released mid June 2024. Their 11 track debut demo album, released at the start of 2022, is currently also available on all streaming services and shows a more stripped down and raw version of the duo. Oh and that record mentioned at the start? In summer 2023, LooPS broke the Guinness World Record for most cities playing a concert in 12 hours (9 cities, all throughout the Vancouver area) and raised $18,402 for the BC Childrens Hospital Foundation in the process!! You won't want to miss your new favourite acoustic-pop duo!

Linktree :  linktr.ee/LooPShq

Instagram : www.instagram.com/official_loops