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Siloam Festival - When Life Gives You Lemon Waters
Langley Little Theatre Presents

Siloam Festival - When Life Gives You Lemon Waters

Thursday, July 25, 2024 | 8:30pm
Langley Little Theatre
4307 200th St, Langley, British Columbia

Written and directed by Darcy J Knopp

Tickets $15

Ben's ship has finally come in! A national commercial spot is all but guaranteed thus he is free to quit his soul crushing job as a server at the Bull's Eye Steak House.  His best friend Paige, would be thrilled for him if it wasn't for her killer hangover, a product of her penchant for poor life choices.  Ben's good news does nothing to improve the mood of his ex, Taylor, who can now add jealousy to the list of negative emotions she feels in her life. Disaster strikes when Ben's flight to stardom is hi-jacked by a ginger pirate with braces.  Ben is forced to grovel before his sadistic and chemically unbalanced boss, Sheila, in order to get his job back. A trifecta of misery descends on the steak house. Head office has sent evaluators in for a surprise visit.  Rumor has it there is a Danish spy in their midst.  Worst of all, a party of 25 from the theatre club has shown up for dinner, and they have brought their coupons.  Will the Bull's Eye crew survive the night?

Zoom Level: Full Venue Section
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