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Live Acts Canada Presents - Erik Gman + Harry Last Live Off The Floor @ The Armoury Studios

When: Saturday, June 12, 2021 8:00pm
Where: Online

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Live Acts Canada Presents

+ Erik Gman 

+ Harry Last 

Live Off The Floor @ The Armoury Studios 

Event Time:8:00PM

Erik Gman//

Harry Last//

Harry Last exists to disrupt social norms by providing a message of hope and a call for change through the use of captivating guitar riffs and strong, meaningful lyrical content. His passion is evident in the way he carries himself on stage: whether it’s a 1,000-person theatre venue or a small bar on the corner, you will always see the best that Harry has to offer.

Born in Nottingham, England, Harry moved to Vancouver, BC in 2006 where he discovered a passion for the guitar and eventually for metal and hard rock music. Harry's first studio album ‘Think To Myself’ was released in spring of 2018 to much local acclaim, touching the lives of many listeners through his emotional lyrics and strong political opinions. He plans to release his second record in fall of 2019.

Bandcamp -

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FB - @HarryLastMusic

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Please note ** On your ticket please click on blue live stream link after 8:00 PM to view the show.

Live Link Featuring 

+ Erik Gman 

+ Harry Last 

+ Vogue Villains