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Live Acts Canada Presents Collision Course + Dougie Greig

When: Saturday, November 28, 2020 8:00pm
Where: Live Streamed Event From E 2nd Studios

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Live Acts Canada Presents

A Live Streamed Event From E 2nd Studios 

+ Collision Course 

+ Dougie Greig

Collision Course//


Dougie Greig//


Collision Course - he high energy modern rock band known as Collision Course has become known for its gritty, explosiveness with elements of grunge and new age rock. Coming from inspirations such as Soundgarden & Queens of the Stone Age, to Queen and Guns & Roses, this Vancouver based Canadian band has made headway in its short time together. Starting off as a grunge trio in Northern British Columbia the band completed a 12-show Western Canada tour in late 2017. After, the band continued to release music until the relocation to Vancouver. Upon chance the group of heavy rock enthusiasts met through a series of ads & auditions. Jeff Toledo was first to make the cut by showcasing his fast and precise skills on the drums. TJ Platt came next by flooding the ears of his soon to be band members with his deep waves of bass and rhythm. And last but not least Brad Masciotra joined with his lead lines flowing like water, and with his solos that slap the listener in the face whilst simultaneously electrocuting them back to reality. This, completed the vision of front man Anton Schindler’s need to coincide his growling unforgiving voice with a wall of sound moving at 100 mph. The band members soon connected through their worldly experiences and love for music. TJ, coming from the UK, brings fuzzy writing styles that could only be recognized from such music as the British new wave of the 80’s rock. Brad, being a traveling chef in the past brings his writings together like a fine cooked dish with elements only learned through worldly experience. Jeff brings the soul, love & rhythm that the charismatic culture of the Philippines is so well known for. Anton, while coming from a small Northern Canadian town whilst also having travelled to study music in Los Angeles and Barcelona brings the lyrical philosophies of discovering more and always desiring for it to the point of screaming. By making music together the band members have connected through hardships and achieved magazine features, a Whammy award for Best Rock Band, made the top ten in VanJam Battle of the bands, sold out their first show at The Astoria on March 13th 2020 and have grasped the attention of many new audience members and fellow musicians in just the short year they have been together. This catchy, throttling band isn’t slowing down until they crash, forever stuck on their Collision Course.

Dougie Greig - Singer and guitarist that blends live guitar loops with soaring vocals. Scottish in Vancouver.

Please note** This is a Live Stremed Performance and therefore a COVID safe show. 

The live stream link will be emailed to you via email one hour prior to performace. 

Start time 8:00 PM 

Live Link Featuring 

+ Collision Course 

+ Dougie Greig