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Nigel Young With Special Guests, Gadfly and Autonomous Apes

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Nigel Young With Special Guests, Gadfly and Autonomous Apes

Saturday, May 14, 2022 | 7:30pm
The Portside Pub

Live Acts Canada Presents 

Nigel Young With Special Guests, Gadfly, and Autonomous Apes

The Portside Pub. Doors: 7:30PM/ 19+

Tickets $13.00 In Advance $15.00 @ The Door 
THE PORTSIDE PUB, 7 Alexander St. 


Nigel Young//

Raised in Kamloops BC Nigel Young’s background is as storied as his music. Attendance at Thompson River’s University was followed by character building forays into the blue collar world of truck driving, the high stakes world of bong sales and even an ill advised stint in the army.

In 2018 Nigel moved to Vancouver to join the psych rock outfit The Intelligence Service led by Alex P.

Concurrent with this Nigel played a string of sessions until he formed the psychedelic garage rock group RAG with Mila Krajina in 2019.

Since then he has played in a number of bands such as Apathy Spells, Fez Monkeys, and Spank Williams. 

Nigel started recording his debut solo album in 2019 and released it in April 2020.

Immediately following that Nigel started collaborating with Eric J Brietenbach, of The Spot Sessions and completed the album “…” with Eric which came out summer 2020. This has been followed with Nigel’s second solo album entitled Frog Hound which started recording in late August 2020 and is slated for release spring 2021. 

Bandcamp: https://nigelyoung.bandcamp.com/



A rejoinder to the sonic template unearthed by Black Sabbath, polished by Electric Wizard and Sleep, ascended to a vital new dimension: Gadfly. This triumvirate rules absolutely over a motley amalgam of discordant states, fusing all that lay before them into a potent proclamation of punk ferocity, Persian melody, and indomitable metal.

Bancamp - https://gadfly-band.bandcamp.com/album/gadfly

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47BcibBbEyo&ab_channel=RipseshRecords

Insta: gadfly.band

FB: @gadflyyband 


Autonomous Apes//

Autonomous Apes is a rock band born as a result of a loving relationship between 90s grunge era and Russian Eternal Depression.

Autonomous Apes was formed in Russia, Saint Petersburg in 2020 by the lead singer and guitar player Egor Kopshar. After recording and releasing their first EP - "To My Anima", Egor Kopshar moved to Canada, Vancouver where he assembled Autonomous Apes 2.0! Not long after, Autonomous Apes started infiltrating Vancouver's underground scene. Autonomous Apes 2.0 fell apart and Egor Kopshar was left alone yet again.

Over the course of the Summer 2021, the lead singer returned home to reunite with the Russian wing of Autonomous Apes. The reunion was fruitful, the second EP - "MY LAST DAY" was recorded. After coming back to Vancouver and collecting his s*hit together Egor found strength to reach out to some fresh acquaintances and after a couple of jam sessions Autonomous Apes 3.0 was created marking a new chapter in the band's life.

Join us to see where this winding road will lead Autonomous Apes.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3BHMwta7XjfnRSM6hOoC5x

Insta: autonomous_apes

Bandcamp: https://autonomousapes.bandcamp.com/