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Persons Of Interest (2 Sets) With Special Guests Live From The Blarney Stone Vancouver

When: Thursday, December 9, 2021 8:00pm
Where: The Blarney Stone Vancouver

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Stage 4 restriction w/ Passport

Blarney Stone & Live Acts Canada Presents

Persons Of Interest (2 Sets) With Special Guests Live From The Blarney Stone Vancouver Sham Rocks 

Doors 8:00 PM/ Tickets $13.00 In Advance $15.00 @ The Door 

*Please note, stage four COVID restrictions are being implemented. You must have proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, via your passport and a second peice of government issued photo ID. 


Persons Of Interest//

We play an eclectic blend of musical styles including rock, rockabilly, punk, R&B, country, pop and Celtic for pubs, markets, weddings, you name it!

Persons of Interest hails from North Vancouver, British Columbia and plays an eclectic blend of musical styles including rock and roll, rockabilly, punk, R&B, country, pop and occasionally Celtic. We have been playing together for several years and like to get out of the garage once in a while to play pubs, local markets and any other place we think we will find enthusiastic music fans who want to dance and have a few laughs. Weddings, baby showers, funerals, you name it! We will try to keep our public appearances posted on this site and on our Facebook page. Come and check us out if you like fun, upbeat music and want to get out and shake your tailfeathers or your moneymaker or whatever other part of your anatomy you like to shake

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Pink Pied Piper// Frank Wimberley (A.K.A Sir Francis Buchanan) plays the bagpipes as the Pink Pied Piper, and is a vaguely well-recognized personality on Vancouver's North Shore and downtown. Pink is by far his favourite colour, and he does have a tendency to gather groups of supporters together, hence the title. 

The Pink Pied Piper somewhat mastered the bagpipes at an early age and soon learned the joys and upliftment that bagpipes can bring to people. He played the bagpipes on parade with the family every evening through the Spring and Summer of 2020. as part of the community's recognition of the work being done by our Health Care workers during the Covid pandemic, reaching 100 consecutive days of parading on Canada Day. This was instrumental in bringing the families surrounding Mahon Ave and 16th street in Central Lonsdale closer together, with the children in particular looking forward to each occasion of the evening parade. The Pink Pied Piper also does a Friday afternoon parade from Central to Lower Lonsdale, which has become very popular, with many supporters out on their patios and in Victoria Park to show appreciation.

The Pink Pied Piper has recently been joined by a young prodigy, Little Frankie, who loves to parade (see link). Little Frankie is rapidly (or has already) become the star of the show!