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Time Machine--tickets SOLD OUT

A cruise into the future

When: Saturday, September 28, 2019 4:00pm
Where: Spirit Cruises 450 Denman Street, Vancouver
What:Interdisciplinary Theatre

Ordering Closed

A cruise into the future…
Departing from Coal Harbour
Spirit Cruises, Bayshore West Marina 
450 Denman Street, Vancouver
Saturday, September 28th
4pm - 9pm

Join us on a journey into the past and future of Vancouver's northern shoreline, and the traditional territory of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, on a 60 foot harbour cruise boat. Created in collaboration between Radix Theatre, Takaya Tours and a group of guest artists, Time Machine asks 'How will we live in a world altered by climate change? How will we care for each other, what will we eat?” 

Part sea-going cabaret, part social laboratory, part dance party at the dawn of a new era, Time Machine lasts five hours and includes a Buffet of Future Foods. The show invites you to imagine your future self in an entirely new kind of first contact—with the biosphere, with Coast Salish First Nations, and with each other. Dress for the future if you feel like it (there will be a documentary film crew on the boat), and dress for the weather too. The trip lasts five hours and includes a Buffet of Future Foods. And remember: We are all in the same boat. 

See trailer here.

Tasha Faye Evans
Kanon Hewitt
Andreas Kahre
Taran Kootenyahoo
DJ Kookum
Andrew Laurenson
Billy Marchenski
Ariel Martz-Oberlander
Diego Romero
Robyn Volk
Ilana Zackon
O, o, o, o Theatre:
Dan Borzillo
Tara Harris
Sean Marshall Jr.
Chelsea MacDonald
Jamie Taylor

The show will be captured by a documentary film crew. When boarding we'll ask you to sign a waiver giving your permission to be seen in the documentary. The camera crew will avoid you if you prefer. You can help us capture content for the production with your smartphone--help us see things through your eyes! 

Sign language interpretation will be available for those with hearing loss. For those using mobility supports this event is partially accessible but there are some challenges that may be too prohibitive for some. The boat has accommodated wheelchairs before, the ramp to the main deck is 26" wide, however there are only stairs to the second and third deck above, and steep stairs down to the washrooms below the main deck. There will be goings-on on all levels of the boat, so one might miss things if stairs are an issue. As well the experience is five hours long, and if washrooms are required the stairs will need to be navigated. That being said we would do whatever we could to assist those with mobility issues in enjoying as much of the event as possible.

Parental Guidance
All ages are welcome but parents are warned for serious subject matter, there will be jokes and discussion about climate change and the future.
Please contact with any questions.
After you purchase your ticket we’ll email you a link to a KAIROS Blanket Exercise, an ancillary event that we encourage everyone take part in a few days prior to the show.

Ticket prices
Based on your belief system. Or—just pay what you can honestly afford.

Level One - You believe your wealth will protect you from climate change: $100
Level Two - You cut back on meat and dairy, but you’re still flying to Belgium to catch the Waffle Competition: $75
Level Three - You bought an electric car but still have the jeep, the boat, the leaf blower and the sea-doo: $50
Level Four - You take transit and recycle, but damn that salami is good: $40
Level Five - You’re struggling to pay the bills and look after the kids but still you eat vegan, ride your bike, donate to Greenpeace and reuse your plastic bags: $25
Level Six - You’re thinking about living in an RV because Vancouver is so ****ing expensive: $10
Level Seven - You’re so pessimistic about the future, you need a morale boost: FREE ( for the Promo Code)

Subsidized ticket pricing is possible through support from The Port of Vancouver.