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Vancouver Erhu Quartet concert

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Sound of Dragon Society presents

Vancouver Erhu Quartet concert

Sunday, December 10, 2023 | Doors: 3:30pm, Show: 4:00pm
The Annex
823 Seymour St. Vancouver BC V5L2H9 Canada

Update: There are still limited number of tickets available. Please buy the tickets for the concert here: https://soundofdragon.com 門票接近售罄, 但還有少量座位, 此售票系統已經停止販售. 欲購票請至官網

4pm concert (3:30pm door)
Info: soundofdragon.com, Vancouver Erhu Quartet website

Created during the pandemic year in 2020, the Vancouver Erhu Quartet explores the sonic possibilities combining the erhu (Chinese violin) with western strings. The quartet consists of Vancouver erhu players Lan Tung and Jun Rong, violinist/violist Parmela Attariwala, and cellist Sungyong Lim. The quartet’s all-Asian members represent Taiwanese, Chinese, Indian (South Asian), and Korean communities. Their interpretation of contemporary works is fused with the sensitivity and sense of breath from Asian traditions. At the same time, the musicians have performed/studied various musical styles to explore innovative approaches. Together they bring expertise in various genres, from traditional, contemporary, classical, avant-garde, to world/cross-cultural music. 

The Vancouver Erhu Quartet takes advantage of Canada’s multicultural environment to explore the combination of eastern and western bowed strings, as well as diverse influences from collaborating composers. This concert will present the world premiere of newly commissioned works by Canadian composers Moshe Denburg, Amir Eslami, Elizabeth Knudson, and Yawen Wang:

Designed with five short vignettes named after prominent cities in Morocco and set at different time of the day, Yawen Wang’s “Cinq fois par jour” is reminiscent of the sceneries, sounds, scents, and atmosphere from recent travels in Morocco. 

Moshe Denburg’s two movement work including the joyful The Harbour of Reunion and the reflective The Harbour of Tranquility, as parts of Denburg’s series of intercultural works on the themes of Harbours and Oceans, representing a personal view of our planet.

Elizabeth Knudson’s “September Songs” is comprised of three movements: “The Hummingbird”, captures the delicate movements of these tiny creatures, featuring trills, tremolo, quick rhythmic patterns, and short melodic phrases. “To the Rising Moon” opens with the first several notes of a Gregorian chant melody and develops gently, making use of canonic phrases, and the idea of mirror images—as the moon rises to its peak in the sky, before sinking again behind the trees, inspired by a short work by Rumi. “Tunnels of Light” is inspired by the ongoing movement of clouds on an overcast day, and the fleeting moments where the sunshine suddenly bursts through in brilliant, colourful rays. 

Amir Eslami’s “Illusion & Reality” explores human identity: how others see and perceive us, and how we see ourselves. Which is illusion, and which is reality?

The Sound of Dragon Society (co-presenter) preserves ancient traditions of Chinese music and celebrates diversity and creativity in the contemporary applications of this music, resulting from the interaction between musicians of various ethnic and musical backgrounds. By presenting musicians and ensembles from different ethnicities, nationalities, and musical trainings/genres, Sound of Dragon Society re-defines Chinese music and reflects Vancouver’s multicultural environment and a highly creative music scene.

Cinq fois par jour (2023) – Yawen Wang 王雅雯
Harbours: Reunion & Tranquility 港灣: 重逢與寧靜 (2022) - Moshe Denburg
Illusion & Reality 幻境與真意 (2022) – Amir Eslami
September Song 九月之歌 (2022) – Elizabeth Knudson
The Hummingbird 《蜂鳥》 
To the Rising Moon 《月升》
Tunnels of Light 《光隧》

融合東西方弓弦樂器,新成立的溫哥華二胡四重奏,以二胡與提琴的組合,將於2023年12月10日舉行音樂會。團員包括來自台灣的董籃及來自北京的戎峻共同擔任二胡演奏,印度裔的帕米拉.阿特瓦拉 (Parmela Attariwala) 擔任中提琴手,以及來自韓國的林成容 (Sungyong Lim) 擔任大提琴手。他們各自專研的領域,涵蓋傳統音樂、古典音樂、現代音樂、即興演奏、世界音樂、到跨界表演藝術,在一起合作各展所長、互助互補,並為樂團帶來多元的活力。

音樂會將首演四首委託創作的樂曲:王雅雯的Cinq fois par jour反映她在摩洛哥旅途中的見聞與感悟,融合異域風情與當代作曲手法。Elizabeth Knudson的「九月之歌」(September Songs)分三個樂章:《蜂鳥》描繪鳥兒生動靈活的姿態、《月升》得到13世紀蘇菲教派詩人魯米(Rumi)的詩句啟發、《光隧》寫的是陰晴變幻的天氣裡, 那衝破陰雲乍洩流淌的斑斕光影。Amir Eslami的「幻境與真意」(Illusion & Reality) 探討對自我的認知。Moshe Denburg的作品「港灣: 重逢與寧靜」(Harbours: Reunion & Tranquility),歡騰鼓舞的律動,對比寧靜致遠的美好。