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Mean Girls: The Musical (Highschool Version)

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Thomas Haney Musical Theatre Class Presents...

Mean Girls: The Musical (Highschool Version)

Friday, May 31, 2024 | 7:00pm
Thomas Haney Secondary School
23000 116 AVE

ABOUT THE SHOW:    Adapted from the hit 2004 film, Mean Girls tells the story of Cady Heron, who starts high school at 16, after being homeschooled in Africa for the first 15 years of her life. Cady quickly crosses paths with “The Plastics” a group of popular girls who rule the school through intimidation, back-stabbing and bullying. Originally joining their clique as a joke, Cady finds herself sucked into their world and discovers the dark side of high school friendships.
With a script by the writer of the original film and Saturday Night Live Alum Tina Fey, Music by Jeff Richmond (30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and Lyrics by Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde), the show follows the plot of the film and includes many of the movie’s iconic moments and jokes. It adds an energetic rock score with great moments for show stopping dance, big singing and strong character work.

MEAN GIRLS, HIGH SCHOOL VERSION is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. www.mtishows.com

CONTENT WARNING:    Mean Girls contains adult themes, strong language and depictions of mature situations that may not be appropriate for all audiences. The show is recommended for ages 6th grade and up.
The musical is based on the 2004 film and while the Mean Girls High School Version script contains some revisions from the movie and the original Broadway Musical, it follows the plot of the film faithfully, with much of the original dialogue and scenes included. Parents of younger children are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the movie or musical soundtrack before purchasing tickets.
While Mean Girls contains mature content, it also provides an opportunity for meaningful dialogue about healthy vs. unhealthy friendships, social media, bullying and other important topics that adolescents face on a daily basis. We have engaged in these conversations during the rehearsal process, and hope the show will invite audience members to do the same.