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Sadhana: An Evening of Bharatanatyam
Time Will Tell Arts & Caravan World Rhythms Present

Sadhana: An Evening of Bharatanatyam

Thursday, April 25, 2024 | 7:30pm
Vancouver Playhouse
600 Hamilton St., Vancouver, BC, V5L 2W9

This is a rare opportunity to experience the beauty and depth of one of India's most profound dance forms - Bharatanatyam - presented by one of BC's leading practitioners of the art, Sujit Vaidya. Bharatanatyam was born in the temples and courts of South India and was performed as an offering to the Gods. It evolved to adapt to the stage, yet it retains its devotional flavour while allowing for the expression of emotions through music, acting, hand gestures, and intricate rhythmic compositions. The performance will be enhanced by the presence of a live ensemble of musicians, featuring Ramya Kapadia (vocal), Raman Kalyan (flute), Curtis Andrews (mridangam) and special guest from India, Vaidya's guru/teacher A. Lakshmanaswamy performing the role of the nattuvanar (conductor of the ensemble and recitation of rhythmic dance compositions). 

This is a rare opportunity for Vancouver audiences to experience Bharatanatyam dance accompanied by live music.





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